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Mike News Roundup 2015

Feb 2016

March, April, May was taken up filming “Art of Scandinavia” 9 Day trips to each country filming with Andrew Graham Dixon a BBC4 . Sadly we could not take our Drone due to each countries Drone laws.At the end of May I went to onto a big BBC shoot in Wales for 12 days filming “Special Forces- Are you tough Enough” on this show I did both Aerials with the Inspire and ground camera chopping and changing from one to another as required by production. A lot of aerials were done in a variety of locations around the Beacon Beacons area.June to August I was employed by Reef TV for a CH4 show Britain’s Heritage, doing ground camera and aerials, we had a wonderful trip with Michael Burke following the Severn River from the Welsh Mountains to the Estuary, see our aerial video of the Seven River. Another trip was to Scotland with Larry Lamb and Maureen Lipman again doing aerials and ground camera. The last shoot on the same trip in Scotland was “Hidden Villages” presented by Penlope Kieth.Then the best trip came at the end of August a month in Italy on “The Wine Show”.October we had a good weekend shoot doing aerials and ground camera on the Pendine Sands with a Motorcycle speed attempt, we had great weather considering the location and wind being a big issue.