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Alec News Roundup 2015

Feb 2016

So after a bit of a hiatus on the news front here is my roundup of 2015. It was another year that has flown past.  I have been fortunate to have had a busy and varied year.  After a bit of a quiet start I ended up working at Twickenham shooting the London Irish for inserts for the the Rugby World Cup.  Amazing facilities, shame England didnt do to well in the big tournament but there's always next time! Then onto some dailies here and there on various things; From Darkness (a new BBC drama about a serial killer), Loving Vincent (a charming film that has been hand painted over to make it look like a Van Gogh) and Last Panthers (Sky Drama about a diamond heist).  Then it was on to the zany, wacky American comedy The Incresingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.  Featuring the Inbetweeners "Neil" (Blake Harrison) and the always funny David Cross (Kung Fu Panda) it is a show following an inept American salesman trying to deal with British culture while promoting an enrgy drink.  Will Arnett in between shooting the new Ninja Turtles movie flew over the pond for some hilarious scenes featuring a rocking horse and ball gag! After wrapping that I ended up working on the new Simon West movie Stratton First Into Action starring Dominic Cooper and based on the Duncan Falconer novels.  It was a 10 week shoot 4 of which were in Italy the rest in the UK.  It looks like a classic British action movie and was shot traditionally not relying heavily on CG.  Am looking forward to grabbing some popcorn for that one when it is released.  After the movie wrapped, the rest of the year I ended up on a few commercials and had some days on the new ITV drama Marcella.  Finally just before xmas I worked a Qtake Playback rig for a new movie based on a Neil Gaiman story, How to Talk To Girls at Parties.  That sure looks like a wacky film with odd characters but hopefully will be well recieved.  I'm sure your'e thoroughly bored now so I will finish up here.  On to hopefully a busy and succesfull 2016 for all!