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Inspire 1 - "Indy"

The Inspire 1 is a quad copter that produces excellent video and still images. It is approx. 3 kg in weight and all comes in one box of approx. 15 kg so easy to travel with. It takes approx. 5 mins to take out the box, assemble and is ready to fly. An ipad is attached to the remote control which controls the copter, this not only shows the picture in HD but also shows battery voltage, flight time, distance, altitude, camera setting and functions. It has an excellent GPS system so will hover on a spot with little drift and has a return to home function. The flight time is approx. 12 mins per battery, to land change battery and fly again is approx. 1 min. Maximum Altitude 400ft, max distance from controller 500 metres. The Inspire 1 can be flown in wind up to approx. 18 mph, the camera gimbal is very fast to react to movement and the pictures are very stable, no stabilization is needed in post production. It has it’s own built in camera based on a Sony EXMOR 1/2.3 inch sensor with wide angle lens giving a 94 degree view (20mm on a 35 mm camera). There is no lens distortion (vertical/horizontal curves). The camera can be set at full HD 50p, 25p or 4k 25p, at a data rate of 60mps. The video files are MP4/MOV and are captured on internal micro SD card. Stills can be captured at 12 mp

The Inspire 1 is an excellent Drone giving sharp pictures, stable, and easy to transport.

  • up to 4k UHD
  • 20mm Lens (gives an 94° angle of view)
  • Top Speed: 30mph
  • Max Altitude: 400ft (restricted by CAA license)
  • Range from controller: 500m
  • Flight Time: 12 mins approx
  • Max Flyable Wind: 18mph
Octocoper Black Widow

Hexakopter - "Hexi"

Our Hexakopter PT6 was built in Germany by a leading Mikrokopter Drone Engineer. From jungles to deserts it is extremley robust. It features 6 arms and motors in an over/under configuration. It is very compact and has been flown in some tight spots, including indoors and through doorways. The gimbal has tilt control and pans by rotating the copter. It also offers some compensation for copter movment. We can use a variety of cameras on the PT6 and can even shoot in 3d (used on 3d shows for Sky); Canon 5D, Go Pro, Go Pro 3d, Sony CX740 and Sony NX3D1. We recommend the Sony CX740 as it gives very good picture stablisation. On all cameras however stablisation in post is required for the best results.

Hexacopter PT6

Like the Octocopter above we have different types of batteries we fly with. Larger capacity batteires for the UK only and smaller capacity for international use.

  • Can take various cameras
  • Full HD with Sony CX740
  • Top Speed: 25mph
  • Max Altitude: 400ft (restricted by CAA license)
  • Range: 200m
  • Flight Time with larger batteries: 9 mins approx
  • Flight Time with smaller batteries: 7 mins approx
  • Max Flyable Wind: 15mph